Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10, 2009

HOLY EA Active workout Batman. I am drenched this morning. I did 2, yes, 2 Ea Active workouts this morning. The first was my second to last on my 30 day challenge and it only burned 72 calories the 2nd was a preset workout on the hard level and WHEW was it ever.

So here are the stats so far for today:
Ea Active: 40 minutes, 200 calories burned

I plan on riding the bike later today and doing some crunches and stuff with my exercise ball.

Rode exercise bike for 22 minutes, burned 220 calories and rode for 4.7 miles.
Grand total of calories burned so far today: 420
I will do some crunches then I am done for the day...WHEW!!!

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